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ND FILM RENTAL ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd
ND FILM RENTAL ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd
ND-Rental(Shanghai)Founded in 2013, is located in Shanghai Minhang long Longwu No. 4221 Shanghai Carbon Plant, the main business for film and television equipment leasing and other related services.
ND-Rental Equipment

ND-Rental(Beijing)Co., Ltd., located in Beijing, Chaoyang District, Jiuxianqiao North Road Manor West Road, the bell-Crystal International Equestrian Club, February 2017 official business.
ND-Rental Service

The top-tier equipment of international integration.
Provide stable, reliable and safe service to reduce the waste of time caused by equipment.

Professional bilingual Photography Assistant.
Project responsibility, no middle management Highly responsive to customer needs.

We will provide

A wealth of learning opportunities: Here you can work with a line of photographers and directors.

Broad promotion space: As long as the ability is strong enough, the company department head and even the CEO of the company, you can challenge.

About Recruitment
We look forward to working with you on this extraordinary road to the pursuit of dreams!

Appointment requirements

20-25 years old, good health

→ Bachelor degree, fluent in English

→ Love film and television industry, hard-working

→ Work proactively, responsible

→ team player with good communication and coordination skills

→ Can accept the flexible working time, can adapt the filming life of the cast

Work location: Shanghai, Beijing

Pay attention to the public number direct online application or send resume to wuhao@nd-rental.com